Through the proper metaphor you can reveal the depth of your knowledge and the wisdom of your strategy. Mastering the metaphoric takes you from the realm of just another talking financial head to that of financial guru. The secret of great teachers in every realm: they bring understanding and clarity through application of the appropriate metaphor.

Think of the greatest communicators in the history of our planet. You’d be hard pressed to find one greater than Jesus of Nazareth. What was the most common phrase to come out of his mouth? “It’s kind of like” was the phrase he used most often in his parables and analogies. Metaphors are using that which is known to explain that which is unknown. Using the thing they understand to shed light on that which they don’t understand. If you need metaphors and analogies that fit your business check out my book, The Financial Professionals Storybook, which has over 200 illustrated stories and analogies you can use everyday.

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