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Shift from Return on Investment to


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Gain access to the digital tools, training, and community needed to deliver Life-Centered Planning.

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Life-Centered Planning

Put your client’s life at the center of the conversation, not their money.

Capture Client Stories

Focus on knowing the narrative before diving into the numbers.

Measure Life Progress

Help clients live a better life, not just make more money.

ROL Advisor’s Life-Transforming Tools


Past Stories

Understand the experiences that have shaped how your clients arrived at their perspectives on money. It’s the “where they’ve been” story.

  • 8 life and financial categories
  • Learn their behavioral biases
  • Understand their deep-seated beliefs

ROL Index

Present Situation

Learn and track how well people are using their money to live their best life possible.  It’s the “where they are now” story.

  • Quantitatively measure people’s well-being, life progress, and feeling of freedom
  • See how their Return on Life improves over time
  • An excellent lead generation tool


Future Plans

Identify your client’s upcoming life transitions that you can help them financially prepare for.  It’s the “where they’re going” story.

  • Visually display your client’s upcoming life transitions on their personal $Lifeline
  • Show clients their personalized planning “roadmap” for the next 10 – 50 years
  • Increase client retention as they’ll realize they need you to help them plan for all of life’s planned (and unplanned) transitions

Our mission is to empower financial advisors around the world to deliver Life-Centered Planning allowing people to live their best life possible right now.

Return on Life is our guiding philosophy. We each have the ability to intentionally live our best life possible in the areas of well-being, progress, and freedom.

We help you facilitate conversations at the intersection of money and life resulting in the client experiencing a happier, prosperous, and more fulfilling life.