49 seconds out of every 60 the advisor does the talking. Is our presentation so important that it should dominate 82% of the airtime in our client meetings? The only way a person can excel by dominating 82% of the clock is to possess a psychic gift.

You’d think some people thought they had a psychic gift the way they can dominate a conversation. Run on sentences and runaway descriptions of events, finishing your sentences for you and interrupting at every hint of a pause.

I once saw a study that showed the numbers above regarding the advisor’s voice filling 49 out every 60 seconds.

What would happen if we somehow reversed that stat? How could it be possible to have the client talking 49/60 seconds? The only way it would be possible would be if the advisor was supplied with interesting and irresistible questions. The very word “Dialogue” means “the merging of meaning.” To achieve a merging of our purpose with the client’s sense of meaning will require better questions than the ones we’re currently asking.

Pay attention to your conversational impulses and see what you can learn about yourself and your impact on others.

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