The intuitive “gut feeling” is the engine of the decision train, and logic and rationale are the boxcars it pulls behind.

What is this thing called “Intuition”? We also call it a “gut feeling.” One definition that has stuck with me is that intuition is “the residue of past experience.” That is as close as I think we’ll get. The synapses in our brain fire off based on what we have seen, heard, and experienced in our past. Does what I’m hearing or seeing right now remind me of something I’ve seen before? If it does, we follow that thread in our brain until it settles.

They call it a neural highway system in our brains and every brain has its unique road system because we all have autobiographies that read differently from others. People will listen to the story and compare it to their past experiences and “get a feeling” about what they’re hearing and decide from there. No amount of logic or rationale will be enough to get them to ignore that gut feeling.

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