Material reward without the price of labor overdrafts the moral account and ultimately robs the soul of incentive.

I’m hearing more and more prosperous parents indicate that they have no plans to leave substantial wealth to their children even though they have the resources to do so. They know that the price paid to get something is much more precious than the reward it reaped. Without the price of labor the soul is truly over-drafted. Parents would prefer to leave their children with incentive rather than investments. One cannot blame them.

My oldest son once called me and said, “I had a strange thought the other day about money. I began to think, ‘I hope dad doesn’t leave us an amount of money someday that I just relax and take life too easy, because that would ultimately get passed on to my kids and go against everything I’m teaching them.’” That started a family conversation about converting future inheritance money and “paying it forward” to ministries and causes we all believe in and are accomplishing great things in the here and now. This conversation continues to this day. The process has begun, and everyone in the family feels great about it.

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