“A man will not be moved past the place of his own imagining.”

As a young entrepreneur I remember reading a quote that said, “What would you do if you knew you could not possibly fail?” I absolutely loved that thought and began to internalize it. It made me realize that my borders for risk were tied to fear of failure and potential for public humiliation instead of focusing on the good the idea might bring if it were brought to life.

So what if I tried something and it didn’t work? Isn’t this all a part of the process in the laboratory called life? We must let our imaginations roam and make weighted decisions around which ideas we will put time, energy, and resources behind. I also learned that fear of failure and anxiety was simply allowing my imagination to roam in the wrong direction. I would get an idea and tell myself, “Oh, I’m sure someone has already thought of this.” I would do some searching and find out that, more often than not, that someone hadn’t thought of this. I was just talking myself out of a good idea.

Let your imagination roam. Without it the next evolution of how things are done and made goes stillborn. I like to encourage imagination in younger entrepreneurs I meet. It’s not always money that they need but an unshackled mind and capacity to dream.

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