Illuminate your clients like no advisor before you and they will have no need for an advisor after you.

I’ve always felt that the very best advisors are those who accept the role of educator with their clients, not speaking down to them but raising their awareness with understandable explanations of how things work: the markets, particular investment vehicles, etc.

I heard one advisor begin like this: “It took me a while to wrap my arms around how this particular strategy worked so I’d like to explain it to you as best I can.” Read between the lines and you hear some interesting things in that preface:

  1. This stuff isn’t always easy to grasp.
  2. I didn’t get it right away.
  3. I want to make sure you feel comfortable.

Advisors who act as educators with their clients are in much better stead for keeping that client. Why would they run the risk of working with someone who keeps them in the dark instead of illuminating them?

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