“Beware the distrusting man. He knows what and who and why he does not like, but knows little else. He is easily repelled but hardly, if ever, compelled.”

As an author and an idea generator I’m occasionally approached by someone who tells me they have a great idea they want to pursue. I’ll say, “Tell me about it,” and sometimes they’ll get this defensive posture and tone and say, “Well, I would but I don’t want anyone to steal it.”

To this I respond, “With that approach there’s very little chance of your idea seeing the light of day.”

There is a degree of trust required for any inventive soul to move forward on a concept. Could it get stolen or ripped off? Of course, it happens all the time. Should this keep you from experimenting and discussing the idea with others? Absolutely not. You just have to exercise discretion and be more selective about who to engage with.

Distrusting people don’t take necessary risks. They won’t put themselves on the line and consequently are not producers of solutions and progress. They are too busy protecting whatever they hold in the anvil-like grip. To make a difference in this world requires putting yourself “out there.”

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