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Steve Sanduski
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ROL Advisor Launches SEGUES, a Digital Tool That Fosters Client Transition Discussions

Using this visual digital tool, financial advisors can discuss more than 60 potential life transitions with their clients along with transition-specific educational content.

 January 20, 2022

 Sister Bay, WI. As more financial advisors recognize the value of deep client conversations, ROL Advisor presents a new digital tool that identifies, visualizes, and prioritizes more than 60 life transitions. This transformative way to deepen client meetings for both the advisor AND the client is different because it helps advisors shift client conversations from reviewing the past to previewing the future.

SEGUES is an interactive, digital tool that you can use to monitor a client’s situation and plan for future transitions. There are over 60 built-in transitions to cover with clients in the areas of:

  • Family
  • Work
  • Health
  • Retirement
  • Financial
  • Giving

Each transition has its own “Questions to Ask” and “Things to Think About” information sheet to aid in client education. The tool is completely customizable and advisors can build their own categories and transitions that are perfect for any niche. Using the SEGUES tool helps shift client conversations from return on investment to Return on Life™.

“A personalized financial plan must address the transitions unique to each client,” says Mitch Anthony, co-founder of ROL Advisor. “SEGUES is designed as a collaborative conversation between advisor and client. The advisor helps clients map out the approaching transitions on their personal $Lifelines and then begins, one by one, to address the financial implications of each, as well as devise a strategy for addressing those implications.”

Life transitions are going to happen and there is no better track for pertinent planning and relationship-building than helping clients financially navigate every meaningful transition in their life. SEGUES provides this track for advisors to have these meaningful conversations.

SEGUES is available now. For more information, visit

About ROL Advisor:  ROL Advisor is a life-centered financial planning company based in Sister Bay, WI and founded in 2017 by industry leaders Mitch Anthony and Steve Sanduski, CFP®. ROL Advisor provides digital tools and training to help advisors shift their focus from return on investment to Return on Life™. With more than 200 members in over a dozen countries, we are helping to transform the way the world plans. To learn more, visit


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