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Steve is the co-founder of ROL Advisor, founder of Belay Advisor, and a NYT bestselling author, podcast host, speaker, and financial advisor coach.
May 4, 2022 9:49 am

Do You and Your Spouse Have Congruent Spending Habits?

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Most married couples take a “divide and conquer” approach to household tasks and chores. One spouse might handle weekly shopping, the other might handle garbage and recycling. One spouse might handle laundry and cleaning, the other might handle yardwork and maintenance. One spouse might drive the kids to school, the other might handle pickup and extracurricular activities.

But household spending and budgeting is one of those responsibilities that’s best tackled together. Money issues are one of the […]

Mar 16, 2022 5:19 pm

‘Controlling Your Emotions’ is Terrible Advice for Investors

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[Excerpt from FA Magazine article] “You just have to control your emotions and you’ll be a much better investor” is terrible advice.

Emotions contain information, and if you try to override that information by controlling it or ignoring it, you miss out on interpreting your lifetime’s worth of accumulated wisdom.

Three Strategies
Now, brain science is complicated and we don’t—and probably never will—have a complete picture of how it works. But based on the best knowledge today, here are three things […]

Mar 16, 2022 3:26 pm

ROL Advisor Launches SEGUES, a Digital Tool That Fosters Client Transition Discussions

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Steve Sanduski
ROL Advisor


ROL Advisor Launches SEGUES, a Digital Tool That Fosters Client Transition Discussions

Using this visual digital tool, financial advisors can discuss more than 60 potential life transitions with their clients along with transition-specific educational content.

 January 20, 2022

 Sister Bay, WI. As more financial advisors recognize the value of deep client conversations, ROL Advisor presents a new digital tool that identifies, visualizes, and prioritizes more than 60 life transitions. This transformative way to deepen client […]

Mar 4, 2022 3:24 pm

Steve Sanduski with ROL Advisor and Jason Pereira

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In this episode of the Fintech Impact, Jason is going to talk to Steve Sanduski, Co-founder of ROL Advisor. ROL Advisor is an online platform that helps advisors or helps coach advisors through a process to help clients focus on return on life as opposed to returning on their investments.

3 Key Points

  1. Often, financial advisors get a little frustrated when they see the behavior of their client, and they can’t understand why the client is doing this […]

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