Material possession is often asked to mask the blush of the soul.

Anyone who has worked long around money has witnessed the pretentious power that money holds over those who still have something to prove. There are people who have the best of everything simply because they can afford it, and if you can afford it, why not? The things they possess do not define them.

Then there are those who are ostentatious with possessions, they want you to see their parade of achievement. For some of them it’s a mask for what they’ve traded along the way to get there … and not always the most equitable trades for quality of life.

Finally, there are those who just want to be the “Everyday Joe” and don’t want to draw attention to themselves with accoutrements because they don’t want people to treat them differently (though most people do know). They want to be judged by who they are and not by what they have.

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