The truly mature live every day like the fall golfer, who trades what might be lost along the way under the leaves for appreciation of a beautiful walk.

I remember a funny George Burns quote at 99 years of age, “When you get to be my age what doesn’t hurt doesn’t work. At my age when you stoop down to tie your shoes you ask yourself, ‘What else can I do while I’m down here?’”

I see two types of “agers” – those who are growing old and those who are growing appreciative. The negative ager moans and groans about reduced capability and lost opportunity and the positive ager simply makes adjustments and is thankful for what remains.

I’m an avid golfer, last year I moved to the white tees. The reason was quite simple. I don’t drive the ball as far as I used to and it was turning every par 4 into a par 5, which isn’t as much fun. I made the switch and the game took on a new sense of invigoration for me and I became an instant evangelist toward grumpy golfers regarding “moving up.” Many would refuse out of stubbornness or pride and I would say to them, “Come on up when you’re ready to have more fun.”

I find this to be a good metaphor for aging well. Instead of complaining about what is lost just make the adjustment and squeeze all the enjoyment you can from the experience.

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