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[EXCERPT] 1. Career independence.

Very few people can say that they are totally free in their careers. “Independent” contractors and self-employed business owners still answer to customers and creditors. CEOs have to watch stock tickers and keep their boards happy. Nonprofits have missions to fulfill. And corporate workers just starting their climbs or contemplating a series of “jungle gym” swings have to execute the boss’ vision to keep the company — and their careers — in motion.

What a solid financial plan can provide is an added sense of security as you navigate the ups and downs of your career. Unexpected unemployment won’t hit quite as hard if you have emergency savings buckets that you can fall back on. Going on a sabbatical to learn new skills or recharge will be more manageable. Taking a big leap into a new field won’t feel quite as scary if you’re not weighed down by debt or uncertain how your tax situation, health care, and portfolio will change. And once you reach retirement, your nest egg could give you the support you need to start a second act, whether that means taking a teaching position, working part time for a local charity, or even starting your own company and hiring yourself as CEO.

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