Eric Clarke: Mastering the Transition from CEO to Fulfilling Semi-Retirement

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Learning Hour call on January 18th.

And a special thanks to Eric Clarke, the founder and former CEO of Orion Advisor, for sharing his experiences transitioning from a high-profile CEO role to a fulfilling semi-retirement.

Some of the topics Eric covered with Steve and Mitch include:

  • Insights into Transitioning Roles: Understand the psychological and financial implications of moving from an active career to semi-retirement.
  • Redefining Purpose: Explore strategies for finding meaning and engagement beyond traditional careers.
  • Navigating Lifestyle Changes in Retirement: Learn how to assist clients in managing lifestyle and identity shifts post-retirement.
  • Lessons from a CEO’s Journey: Extract key lessons from Eric Clarke’s experience that can be applied to client scenarios, especially in the context of business succession planning.
  • Client-Centric Insights: Gain practical tools and frameworks to guide your clients through their own second-act journeys.

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Learning Hour Transcript: CLICK HERE