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[EXCERPT] Family

Relocating will be a life-changing event for your spouse and children. They’ll lose the daily network of friends and family they’ve come to rely on and with whom they spend their leisure time. Younger children may adapt to these changes quickly, while older children or your spouse might struggle to make new connections. Social media could help your family maintain some of those existing relationships. It could also make you all miss your old home even more.

Your family will also have to build new relationships adjacent to friends and family, such as doctors, teachers, teammates, coaches, and babysitters. Relocating could also cause a strain on your extended family, especially if you have caregiving responsibilities with elderly family members.

Navigating these changes won’t necessarily be all bad. A fresh start could give your family a chance to have new experiences, broaden your view of the world, discover new hobbies and interests, and connect with new people who will enrich your lives in unexpected ways.

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