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The challenges of the last couple years have filled many people with uncertainty about the present and concern for the future. Often that can create a feeling of stasis when it comes to how we think about our money. But improving Return on Life isn’t something that happens in an undefined future. ROL is an ongoing process that allows you to balance in-the-moment enjoyment with your family’s long-term security.

Here are three ways that you can leverage your financial plan to find your balance and start enjoying your money more.

[Excerpt] 1. Give yourself permission to spend.

Old-fashioned financial planning puts a heavy emphasis on saving and investment goals you need to hit on your way to retirement. Folks who follow this model are often extremely focused on “hitting a number” above all other financial considerations. Often that means living more frugally and working longer than they really need to.

A healthier approach might be to pay yourself first by making automatic monthly contributions into your retirement accounts, budgeting for the month’s expenses … and then having a little fun! Yes, a solid financial plan includes setting some limits and monitoring your progress. But within those boundaries you should still have room to replace your old car, build that backyard swimming pool, or take a family vacation you’ve been putting off for too long.

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