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[EXCERPT] Reflect on your life.

Think back on the most meaningful chapters in the story of your life. What are the important lessons you learned? What are the values that you leaned on when you had to make difficult decisions? Which choices do you wish you’d made differently? Who were the people who made a difference? What trips did you take that opened your eyes to the wider world? What were your greatest successes? What were your greatest failures, and what did you learn from them? What traditions did you inherit from the generation before you that you’d like your heirs to carry on?

As you think about these questions, jot down some rough ideas. You might think of a specific story that you want to tell. Maybe some important value words spring to mind, like Kindness, Generosity, Honesty. You might discover a valuable memory of an older relative your own heirs never met.

You could also consider having a conversation with your family about your shared values, life lessons, and memorable experiences. In addition to sparking more memories, this talk might give you a different perspective on what’s truly important to you and your family.

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