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[EXCERPT] Take a big swing sideways.

In today’s job market and corporate environment, less and less people are going to start their careers on the ground floor of a company and spend decades moving up. Increased competition for top talent and decreased long-term benefits like pensions will continue to incentive the best workers to keep their options open.

Embracing those options might involve what used to be called a “sideways career move.” But there’s more to your job than your title. A comparable position at a different company might pay better or give you more flexibility around working from home. You might feel a stronger connection to a company’s values and mission, which could decrease your workplace stress and make you feel like you’re contributing more to the greater good. Perhaps you can work at a company that offers weekly allowances for volunteering or annual sabbatical time. Or, if you swing over to a company that has a strong “promote from within” culture, you might have more opportunities to jump up a level.

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