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[EXCERPT] 1. Discuss your reasons and goals.

If you and your spouse could both comfortably retire together, it’s important to ask each other, Why? And why not? What are the core money and life issues that put you on different retirement timelines?

Does one of you love your job and the other can’t wait to stop working?

Is one of you worried about running out of money in retirement?

Are you picturing a blank weekly schedule you don’t know how to fill?

Are you worried you’re going to drive each other crazy?

Retiring — or not retiring — isn’t necessarily going to solve any of these issues. Talk to each other about the things you want to accomplish separately and together in the next part of your lives. Take out a blank calendar and plot out what your Ideal Week without work might look like. And if you’re not on the same page about your progress towards financial goals, schedule an appointment with your financial advisor. Hopefully these conversations will give both of you some clarity about the best time for each of you to retire.

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