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In the wake of the pandemic, entrepreneurship is on the rise around the globe. Aspiring entrepreneurs probably have a well-defined business plan at the ready. But have they also defined the sense of purpose that is going to help the new business stand out from the competition? This ghostwritten content asks two questions folks need to answer before they become their own boss.

[Excerpt] Unless you’ve created a truly revolutionary product or service, it’s likely that you’re trying to enter a business space with some established players and significant competition. That means your target customers already have options to buy what you’re selling.

So, why should they buy from you?

Quality, variety, and pricing may be a good place to start. But other companies can make competitive adjustments in these areas.

Your company’s purpose, however, can be a real differentiator. Your potential customers are asking themselves many of the same questions about work, life, social issues, and values that you were asking when you decided to become an entrepreneur. They want the purchases they make to support companies that are trying to make a difference.

Moreover, supporting businesses with a purpose makes people feel happier about spending their money. If a small percentage of your widget sales helps a struggling family or contributes to a green energy initiative, customers are going to value that feeling of giving back as much as they value the need your company is fulfilling for them. That’s the kind of connection that can create a dedicated — and growing — community of repeat customers.

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