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You’re Not Alone in Your Frustration

If you’re tired of being compared to the S&P 500, weary of the same old, redundant review conversations, had enough of being held responsible for forces you don’t control in the markets, or frustrated by your lack of new clients, then you’re not alone.

The old way of doing business was to focus on gathering assets and investment returns. Technology and new competition is eroding the value of that model…and driving it down toward zero.

Keep doing that and your business will quickly fade into irrelevance.

By contrast…

Now it’s about life, not money

The new way of doing business is to put your client’s life at the center of the conversation, not their money.

The new way is to engage in real-life dialogues, not sales monologues.

The new way is to ramp up your human capabilities, not just your technological skills.

So if you want to have a thriving practice that’s profitable for you, makes a big impact in your clients’ lives, and allows you the freedom to live life on your terms, then the ROL Advisor Program is for you.

Change your conversation, transform your impact

Here’s why…

The ROL Advisor Program is the only program that is:

  • Centered on the Life journey of the client and keeping that journey funded.
  • Designed to help you forge Relationships that last so you have can have Clients for Life.
  • Engaged in using digital tools to facilitate meaningful dialogues with your clients and prospects unlike anything they have experienced before with an advisor.
  • So deeply rewarding that you’re going to go home energized and excited from your day, instead of depleted and demoralized.

Running a Life-Centered practice can profoundly change your life

We know it works. Mitch Anthony has been helping advisors shift to Life-Centered Planning for nearly 20 years. In fact, he literally “wrote the book” on it.

Steve Sanduski, CFP® has been one of the industry’s top advisor coaches and practice management experts for more than 20 years. He’s coached over a thousand advisors to build smarter, more profitable businesses.

Together, we’ve created a package of tools and services that will help you achieve the outcome you desire–an enduring, profitable business that impacts your clients’ lives while allowing you the freedom to live life on your terms.

Here’s What ROL Advisor Members Say About the Program

Great For Generating New Clients

"We've had 25 prospects fill out the ROL Index. And already there's been one of those that became a client and another couple that will probably become clients shortly. We've had centers of influence fill it out. So it's definitely been a great door-opener for business development."

Seth S. from California

Connect With Clients At A Higher Level

"I had my first ROL conversation with a long-time client last night. Was able to connect with him at a level like never before. Amazing!"

Craig M. from Minnesota

Clients Were Totally Engaged

“I was surprised how engaged they were with it. After all this was done we had a 20 second look at return on investments. Very powerful stuff.”

Geoff I. from Australia

Clients Love This Conversation

“My clients seem to be much more interested in this conversation versus how is the market doing and how are my investments doing.”

Greg K. from Oregon

Watch now as Mitch Anthony and Steve Sanduski, CFP®…

1. Share 3 new client dialogues that will completely differentiate you from all other advisors.
2. Show you why the current investment-focused planning model is broken and a new model that will replace it.
3. Show you how to future-proof your business from low-cost competitors and encroaching technology.

Here’s What You’ll Get in

The ROL Advisor Program

Whether you’re looking for software tools to improve your client dialogues, systems for delivering better client results, or help in generating more ideal clients, The ROL Advisor Program can help. This membership-based technology, training, and community program provides the crucial elements to forge relationships that last so you can have clients for life.

You get 3 Discovery Process software tools, plus the Retirement Coaching Module with 5 more tools, plus the advisor dashboard, plus client portal…

Plus all this…

And it’s way more than just “tools”…

At ROL Advisor, the tools exist to facilitate your Life-Centered conversations and to track progress. The secret sauce is the training, the questions, the dialogues, and the overall philosophy that Return on Life brings to your practice and to your clients’ lives.

Mitch Anthony and Steve Sanduski, CFP® are educators at heart and have designed the program with live monthly webinars, training videos, scripts, questions to ask, role (and “real”) playing, and more so you can fully immerse yourself in this philosophy.

We currently have more than 240 advisory firms in the ROL Program from 11 countries. They understand the power of combining tools with Life-Centered conversations to make a meaningful impact in your clients’ lives.


You have two pricing options.

  1. Monthly: $220 per month
  2. Annual: $2,364 per year (equivalent to $197 per month)

Discounts are available for multiple advisors in silo offices, see here.


We want you to love the program, period. If for some reason it doesn’t meet your needs, we make it easy to exit. Here’s how:

Monthly Members: You can exit with 10 days notice. There is no monthly minimum.

Annual Members: You can exit with 10 days notice and we will issue a refund for 50% of the pro-rated amount. For example, if you exit with 4 months left on your annual agreement, you’ll receive a refund for 2 months (4 months x 50% = 2 months).

Just send us an email stating your desire to end. We’ll be sad to see you go but if it’s not the right fit, we won’t hold you to something that is no longer working for you.

Transform Your Business — Transform Lives

All of our clients want the same thing. They want financial peace of mind and a good life.

Up until now, there’s been no training, or tools, or organized resource for financial advisors to marry financial advice with helping clients live this good life.

Well, we’re happy to say that day has now come.

More than a year in development.

For more than a year, Mitch Anthony and Steve Sanduski, CFP® have been developing a new technology system and membership program for financial advisors that will help you leverage and amplify your humanness.

It’s called The ROL Advisor Program. And in December 2017, we opened the program to 59 Founding Member firms from around the world. You now have the opportunity to join as a Charter Member.

We believe that the industry is on the cusp of making a transformational shift from focusing on ROI with clients, to focusing on ROL, which we define as Return on Life.

And the way that we deliver this Return on Life Philosophy is through Life-Centered Planning. The centerpiece of Life-Centered Planning is putting the client’s LIFE at the center of the conversation, not their money. In this paradigm, money is simply a tool that we use to help our clients live the best life possible right now.

To date, the ROL Advisor Program is proud to have more than 240 member firms from 11 countries around the world. We continue to grow and generate interest because our tools are the transformative solution that financial advisory needs right now, and because our passionate members are committed to spreading the ROL message to their clients and colleagues.

Digital tools for collaborative planning.

ROL Advisor offers a series of digital Discovery Process Tools that you can use collaboratively, in real-time with your clients. The system:

  • Augments your ability to have a human to human conversation with your clients in a way that no algorithm or AI can obliterate.
  • Empowers you to gather your client’s story and to deliver value in a way that is uniquely human, mathematically measurable, and truly valuable.
  • Enables your clients to make better money choices so they can live their best life possible right now.

The ROL Advisor Program will help you build a thriving Return on Life Practice that attracts and keeps clients for life

Mitch Anthony: When your work brings true value to others it brings true meaning to you.

Steve Sanduski, CFP®: If you are in the “inform” business, and not the “transform” business, you won’t be long for this business.

What is a Charter Member?

Charter Members of ROL Advisor are visionary advisors who see and believe that we are at the beginning of transforming the way the world plans. As a Charter Member, you receive the following:

  • Lifetime status as a Charter Member, as long as you remain a member in good standing.
  • Preferred seating at the annual ROL Summit.
  • Early look at technology enhancements.
  • Preferred membership pricing.

Our mission is to empower financial advisors around the world to deliver Life-Centered Planning, allowing people to live their best life possible with the money they have.

Return on Life is our guiding philosophy. We each have the ability to intentionally live our best life possible in the areas of well-being, progress, and freedom.

We help you facilitate conversations at the intersection of money and life, resulting in the client experiencing a happier, prosperous, and more fulfilling life.


If you have any questions, please let us know via the form below. Or, call Steve Sanduski at 262-957-6288 or Mitch Anthony at 507-282-2723. Thank you!